Quetico Provincial Park – Regulations

Quetico Provincial Park is a world class paddling destination and there are regulations in place to protect the park and its natural and cultural history from abuse and destruction.  We kind request that visitors practice low impact camping by using a stove to cook and to collect wood away from established camping sites. These and other Together we can preserve the unique beauty of Quetico Provincial Park for generations to come. 

Quetico Provincial Park – Fishing Regulations

The new fishing regulations came into effect on 1 January 2008. These regulations state that only barbless hooks and artificial bait are permitted in the Park. “This means that no live or dead organic bait can be used in the park, including but not limited to leeches, worms, and salted minnows.”[5] Barbed hooks may be in a tackle box but must not be on the fishing line. Barbed hooks must be pinched before being attached to a fishing line.[5] It is recommended that park users only use lead-free tackle when fishing within the park.


Quetico Provincial Park – Backcountry Regulations

Group size may not exceed 9 members. Containers of fuel, insect repellent, medicines, personal toilet articles, and other items that are not food or beverage are the only cans or bottles that may be brought into Quetico. It is an offence to possess non-burnable and non-reusable food or beverage containers. Mechanized devices such as power saws, generators, ice augers, or portage wheels are prohibited. It is furthermore illegal to damage live trees and other plants.

Below you will find a highlight of the rules and regulations that govern how visitors need to follow. This is not a comprehensive list of rules regulations but a guideline for visitors……

  • Pictographs: Leave pictographs untouched The Pictographs in Quetico are spiritually sacred for Anishinabe People.  Approach all pictographs respectfully and DO NOT take anything.
  • Can and Bottle Ban: Non burnable containers are not permitted.
  • Trash: Pack out your trash and any trash that you may find.
  • Mechanized Use: No motors of any kind.
  • Note: The members of the Lac La Croix Nation have use outboard motors on selected lakes for tradition harvesting and guiding services.
  • Party Size:  Nine people per campsite.
  • Fishing: Use only artificial bait and barb-less hooks within Quetico Provincial Park. No live or dead organic bait is permitted. Barbed hooks must be pinched prior to use. Purchase you fishing permits here
  • Pets:  Pets must be leashed.
  • Site Capacity: No more than 9 on a permit. Large groups must split up and use several sites.
  • Firearms:  No firearms of any kind are permitted in the park.
  • Litter: Pack out all non-burnable garbage.
  • Closed Campsites: You may not camp on sites that are closed to camping.
  • Reservations: A reservation is not an entry permit. You must register at one of the ranger stations during business hours. Note that on busy days, the registration process can take a while. Working with an outfitter who is certified to pickup your permit on your behalf and have it ready when you arrive is a great way to save time. (Certified Outfitter)
  • Quota System: Quetico Provincial Park is unique in that it operated on a quota system that protects the wilderness feel of the park. Each entry point has a defined number resident and non-resident permits. Your certified Canadian outfitter has access the resident quota as well as the non-resident quota.
  • Vegetation:  You are not allowed to remove, cut or damage any vegetation. For fuel wood, use only fallen dead wood collected from the shoreline or far from your campsite.
  • Historical Sites: You may not remove, damage or deface any relic, artifact or natural object or any site of archaeological or historical interest.
  • Campfires:  Use existing fire rings. Make sure your fire is completely out and cold to the touch. Avoid having a fire on the morning that you are leaving and when it is windy. Respect any fire ban that is in place. (Fire Ban Info)
  • No fireworks.
  • Equipment Caching:  No boat or gear caches of any kind.
  • Campsite Structures: Do not build structures at your campsite.
  • Noise: Respect your fellow campers by keeping noise to a minimum.
  • Drones: Requires permission from the park superintendent.
  • Stanton Bay Parking: Stanton Bay parking is restricted to residents of Canada only.

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